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Dinner with Friends


Once upon a time, a group of friends got together and decided to make the world a better place. They thought, "What better way to do it, than to deliver AWESOME snacks right to someone's home?" Munches of Fun was born, and the rest they say, is history...learn more about us below!




Just three individuals that came together for their love of snacks!

I've always had a love for salty snacks, ever since I was a little kid. Sharing that love through business just made sense."

Christina Ensley, Chief Cheetos Specialist

My snacking problem probably started in oh...preschool or so. Start strong, finish strong!"

Kyle Kay, Chief Snack Aficionado

Melissa - Childhood.jpg

Some of the best moments in my life were created around chocolate. Helping bring those moments to others is awesome!"

Melissa O'Neil (right), Chief Chocolate Connoisseur

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